A-Z Money and Me!

A-Z Money and Me (New Edition)

Money Mastery Workbook for Kids!

“Earning money is simple. Find a need a fill it. Find a problem and create a solution. Earning money comes easily when you think about how you can help. Helping is the best way to earn money and create positive solutions for everyone!”

A-Z Money and Me is a practical workbook created by a teacher and edited by fourteen year old. Inside its visually captivating pages, your child will learn and practice money mastery. They will be introduced to financial terms and simple accounting with a little bit of magic as they begin to manage their own money. Start now teaching your children how to understand money so that when they grow up they can be financially independent and make wise choices.

“Look into your heart for your true desires for yourself. Think of all the riches of your life and the lives of your family members and ancestors. There is a lot of abundance in your family’s history! Choose to activate your abundance with your wand of light! Think of your treasure chest brimming with bounty and call out, Activate! I now Activate my abundance!”

This book gives them a broad overview. It walks them through important experiences around money, opening a savings account (If they don’t already have one), adding up their earnings (If they are making them) and thinking about money as an important resource for their lives.

Investigate which banks you could use. Then call to arrange a visit with your parent so you can learn more about their services. You can choose from all the banks in your city or near your home. Each bank has different rules so ask a lot of questions.”

Simple, crucial elements of money mastery are gently explained to help them feel as though they can manage their finances. Encourage your child to learn about money and buy this book for them as an important resource!

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Written by Cassandra L. Wilson

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