Dear Future Aspiring Author, Do you have a message?

Imagine you’re on a stage with your book in hand inspiring an audience with your meaningful story. Your audience is riveted and so grateful you came to them at the right time, just when they needed to hear your message. You receive a standing ovation, offers for more speaking and your book is sold out!

ballet legend standing ovation

Do you have memoir inside of you waiting for the world to hear? Have you had an experience that needs to be shared? Do you like the idea of teaching people through your experience?

Write your memoir and get booked to speak about it!

Welcome to writing your own story! Writing your own novel is a rewarding process with many benefits but it can be daunting on your own. As your ghost writer, I help you write it. I have three books under my belt and more in progress. I love to write and have been an avid writer since childhood. It’s what I do. Working with me to complete your novel, you will experience a wonderful journey of recollection.  As you collaborate with me over Skype at regular intervals to tease out your relevant history, what will surface is what makes you uniquely you and has value for your readers!


Cassandra works with you to bring out the best, most tangible elements of your story so your readers can engagingly glide through your words digesting your meaning, enjoying the discovery and finding their truth by witnessing yours. Find new and hidden nuggets that make your story even more riveting and important to your readers.

Enjoy the organized, structured, professional approach Cassandra provides to allow you to feel safe, comfortable and inspired throughout the process. Then finish the process of an excellent rendition of your story with a book you can give or sell to friends, family, community and with a little luck, millions around the world!

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Cassandra Wilson is an accomplished, professional writer with Bachelor degrees in Sociology and Psychology. She has lived in Europe, Asia and travelled in the U.S. She loves to write and has many years of experience crafting superbly written, engaging, beautiful literature. She has written over 50 published works and is a sought after contributor to business success.

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