About Our Team – And its Growing!

President – Cassandra Lea Wilson is a self-made entrepreneur who grew up in London, Ontario, third generation business owner. She graduated with two Bachelor Degrees, Sociology and Psychology from the University of Calgary. After graduating, she travelled and taught in South Korea, Thailand and Norway over a period of three years. She settled in Vancouver and develops her career in exploration of education, healing, sales, marketing and advertising. She artfully combines these unique skills and abilities into her writing to increase its richness, depth and longevity. She has written three non-fiction books, two for children on Financial and Emotional Literacy and one on her spiritual journey through Thailand. Her aim is to grow and expand her writing, publishing and business in an aligned manner for optimum success to uplift and elevate others.

Lead Writer – Joel Mark Harris graduated from the Langara Journalism School in 2007.  He is an award winning novelist, screen writer and journalist. He is a proud entrepreneur and has founded several companies to help people across the globe with their writing and marketing. His first fiction novel A Thousand Bayonettes won the Editor’s Choice Award and the Pinnacle Achievement Award for best thriller. He has written six books and his feature length film Neutral Territory won ten awards across the world including China, Switzerland and the U.S. He writes a daily blog about journalism that posts on Facebook. He is working on writing his first non-fiction book titled Breakthrough Content Marketing. Joel is passionate about providing the best service to his clients and helping them live a meaningful, impactful life by furthering their personal and financial goals. He lives in Vancouver.


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