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Cassandra Lea Wilson, Professional Writer

As a child, I always enjoyed the quiet and solitude of creative writing. It was the place where I could feel calm, serene and at peace. I read countless children’s books over and over so I could escape the pressures of life and learn to see things from another perspective. Books were my sanctuary and my mother sometimes found me reading in my closet in the crack of light, where it was quiet and calm. Sometimes I really needed to enter an imaginary world, growing up in a busy household of five. Writing streams of consciousness came easily to me and my storytelling skills improved as I continued through the grades. In grade five, a teacher read my story, Tears and Glasses Don’t Go Together, about a boy with glasses who was being bullied. She called my parents into the school to show them the story and suggested they get it published. We didn’t know where to start and it was filed away. I continued to enjoy writing very much, getting As from my teachers. I wanted them to enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. In grade twelve, I wrote a short story, which my teacher again suggested I get published. Again, it was filed. After University and working in South Korea, I went to Thailand and had an experience which encouraged me to write a novel. So I did. Sublime Surroundings is an enchanting story about changing my perspective and enjoying life more. Writing is an escape into a beautiful, imaginary world for me and I invite you to join me.

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