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Helpfulness in Business

June 2016

Helpfulness is looked at in many different ways. There are many ways to see helping and I’m not sure all business people agree with what helpfulness is. Before today, I struggled to understand the real meaning of helpfulness. I knew it was the right thing to do but how does it fit into business?

I took a walk this morning with my coffee as I often do, to breathe the fresh air, see the sunlight and be with nature. Because of my busy schedule if I don’t get in a walk first thing, most days zoom by without my having enjoyed it. I’m sure you know how I feel. Building a business is a full time job that takes over your thoughts and most of your time.

Today as I sat looking over the golf course on a bench, I revelled at the expansive lawns of Langara golf course, and the millions of value in property that was used by the occasional golfer. This green grassy expanse is a jewel in our community and hundreds if not thousands of people walk its perimeter daily, finding calmness in its wake.

The green soft leaves waved over my head drawing my eyes up. When this happens I know I am tuning into something powerful as something about the sky and looking up always has magic in it for me.

I considered some of my business associates and how I could grow my business. Then it dawned on me to help them. Truly, purely and for that end, help them. In this helping which happens on an energetic level, it reflects back to me through cash flow. Cash flow is what keeps my business alive and my life afloat. No shame here in growing my income.

I realized and aligned with helpfulness as a selfless act, then the deep value of Why struck me. When I leave this planet, the value I will take with me is the helpfulness I have given others, the true moments of sharing and delivering that which I have been given, in the form of wisdom, connections and know-how. It is this that has real value and eternal flavour. It is an act of reverence in itself.

In those exchanges I can selflessly ask others what they need and try to help by matching them with solutions that I have access to. What fun to be in this game! How delightful to go past all the tricks and straight to what works!

Then in my helping others, naturally that energy comes back and others can help me. That is how prosperity is built. I need the help of others to grow and help includes cash flow. Oh, what a wonderful thing! My heart, my purpose and my needs can be met by aligning with this true force of helpfulness.

People say, if you want to make a billion dollars help a billion people. What a wonderful life project! And I’m sure at that time, my true appreciation will be for the helpful acts I created and steps up I helped build that will make the real difference in my life. The money is an after effect.

Finally, in my mind, business is aligned. And what a great business trip it will be!


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